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Tenuta Chiccheri

Amarone della Valpolicella "Vigneto Campo delle Strie"



Chiccheris Amarone, made from the classic Valpolicella grapes, is in a class of its own - incredibly well-composed, concentrated and elegant. If you swirl the wine around in the glass, you will experience how the bouquet unfolds with small red berries and a little spice touch. The taste is incredibly rich, very concentrated and powerful but in perfect balance. The grapes dry on trays for 90-120 days until the first week of January. They ferment in stainless steel tanks, and the wine is stored in Danish barrels for 36 months. Chicceri aims to make wines that are powerful, velvety and dry.


Chiccheris Amarone, lavet på de klassiske Valpolicella-druer, er i en klasse for sig - utrolig velkomponeret, koncentreret og elegant. Slynger du vinen rundt i glasset oplever du hvordan bouqueten folder sig ud med små røde bær og et lille krydderi-touch. Smagen er utrolig rig, meget koncentreret og kraftig men i perfekt balance. Druerne tørrer på bakker i 90-120 dage indtil den første uge af januar. De gærer i rustfrit ståltanke, og vinen lagrer på fanske fade i 36 måneder. Chicceri stiler efter at lave vine, der er kraftige, fløjlsagtige og tørre.


Country: Italy

Region: Veneto

Winery: Tenuta Chiccheri

Year: 2013

Type: Red

Grapes: Corvina (70%), Rondinella (25%) & Molinara (5%)

Alcohol: 15,5%

Aging: Oak barrels

Closure: Cork

Winemaking: Organic



The domain is located in Illasi north of Verona, where Giancarlo Ruffo "handmade" very small amounts of wine. Campo delle Strie is a limestone mountain at an altitude of 400 meters.
Originally, Giancarlo simply bought the place as a "cottage," but he was seized by the work of a winemaker and invested a good portion of money in putting the farm in order. Now he creates small men wine of Valpolicella and Amarone in the highest quality. Everything is planned and nothing is left to chance.
Chiccheri was the nickname for the farmers who once lived here, where grapes now grow. The name also sounds like "chicco" which in Italian means grapes!
Passion - is the word that expresses and permeates the house's love, work, commitment and attention to everything that is made at the vineyard.

Domænet ligger i Illasi nord for Verona, hvor Giancarlo Ruffo "håndlaver" meget små mængder vin. Campo delle Strie er et kalkbjerg i 400 meters højde.

Oprindelig købte Giancarlo blot stedet som et "sommerhus", men han blev grebet af arbejdet som vinbonde og investerede en god portion penge på at sætte gården i stand. Nu skaber han små mænder vin af Valpolicella og Amarone i højeste kvalitet. Alt er planlagt og intet overladt til tilfædlighederne.
Chiccheri var øgenavnet om bønderne, som engang boede her, hvor der nu gror druer. Navnet lyder også som "chicco" som på italiensk betyder druer!
Passion - er ordet der udtrykker og gennemsyrer husets kærlighed, arbejde, engagement og opmærksomhed til alt der laves på vingården.

General grape descriptions


Corvina is a red wine grape varietal with its origins in Italy, it is also known as Corvina Veronese and sometimes Cruina. It is primarily grown in the Veneto region of northeast Italy. In the Veneto region, Corvina is often confused with Corvinone, a red grape usually used in the production of straw wines. For a long time, Corvinone was considered a clone of Corvina but DNA profiling has shown that they are two different varietals.
Corvina, a dark-berried, thick-skinned varietal, is the principal grape in red Valpolicella wines, forming the backbone of the blend with its firm tannins and rich, smoky, red-cherry aromas and flavours. The grapes naturally high acidity can make the wine somewhat tart with bitter almond characters and the finish is sometimes marked with a sour cherry note.


Rondinella is a red wine grape varietal predominantly grown in the Veneto region of Italy - and is an integral grape used in wines such as Bardolino and Valpolicella. It is often blended with the varietals Molinara and Corvina, which in 2005 DNA testing showed that Corvina was a parent varietal to the so called Venetian grape Rondinella.
Rondinella grows easily all over the Valpolicella region, though the grape has rather neutral flavours but is favoured by growers due to its abundant yields than for any notable quality.


Molinara is an indigenous Italian red wine grape varietal grown primarily in the Veneto region of north eastern Italy, with first records dating back to early 1800’s. The varietal is used to add balanced acidity to the traditional blends of Valpolicella and Bardolino wines made with the Corvina and Rondinella varietals.
When crafted as a single varietal wine - during maturation it has a tendency to easily oxidise, with a light colour and aroma extract, resulting a decline in vine plantings among local vineyards. Depending upon where it is grown and vine health, the grape skin can vary in colour from being pink through to a purple or blue. More recently the varietal is occasionally blended with Merlot to produce soft elegant rosé wines.