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Pinot Grigio is an Italian favorite that you cant get better in South Tyrol. The wine is half grown on the slopes of Tramin and Montan. The grapes are harvested late and do not get malolactic fermentation to preserve the freshness nor storage in oak.


Pinot Grigio er en italiensk favorit, som ikke fås bedre i Sydtyrol. Vinen gror halvt op på skråninger i Tramin og Montan. Druerne høstes sent og får ikke malolaktisk gæring for at bevare frisk og ej heller lagring i eg.


Country: Italy

Region: Alto Adige

Winery: Cantina Tramin

Year: 2019

Type: White

Grapes: Pinot Grigio

Alcohol: 13%

Aging: Stainless steel tanks

Closure: Cork

Winemaking: Traditional



The cellar in the small town of Tramin was founded in 1898 by the parish priest Christian Schrott. His parishioners own, on average, just 0.8 hectares, which are inherited through centuries and cared for as a community garden. The Winemaker is Willi Sturz, who in 1989 returned to his native town as an educated winemaker. He has since led the cellar to the absolute superclass. The wines are among Italy's best and get along with Gaja the highest marks in the prestigious Gambero Rosso guide.

Kælderen i den lille by Tramin blev stiftet i 1898 af sognepræsten Christian Schrott. Hans sognebørn ejer i snit blot 0,8 ha, som går i arv gennem århundreder og passes som en kolonihave! Vinmageren er Willi Stürz, som i 1989 vendte hjem til fødebyen som uddannet vinmager. Han har siden ført kælderen til den absolutte superklasse. Vinene hører til Italiens bedste og får sammen med Gaja de højeste karakterer i den ansete Gambero Rosso guide.

General grape descriptions

Pinot Grigio

This white-wine-producing mutation of Pinot Noir is enjoying a wave of popularity perhaps greater than it has ever known, and certainly on a wider geographical scale, even if it is relatively rarely known by its true French name Pinot Gris. Until recently Pinot Gris was probably known mainly in Alsace (as Tokay d'Alsace), northern Italy (as Pinot Grigio) and in Germany (as Grauburgunder or occasionally Ruländer). Today however it is known and increasingly planted in less classic wine regions, from Mendoza and Monterey to Marlborough. 

Pinot Gris is one of the darkest-skinned grapes producing white wine, rivalling Gewürztraminer for the redness of its berries. The grapes can vary from grey-blue to brownish pink, sometimes on the same bunch, and the resulting wine tends to be quite deep golden, even copper-toned. It is relatively soft, rarely has very marked acidity, can also be relatively high in alcohol (depending on how ripe the grapes are when picked) and as well as being full-bodied can have quite a spicy perfume (though in a much less specific way than Gewürztraminer).

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