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Groenlandberg is Oak Valley's top series from the highest fields on the mountain with the same name, surrounded by "fynbos", a special mixture of low-growing heath plants, which is the only thing that grows naturally up here. The soil is clay mixed with slate and the only 20 km to the sea protects against large temperature fluctuations.
A wine of serious style, dark grape color and tannins.


Groenlandberg er Oak Valley's topserie fra de højestbeliggende marker på bjerget med dette navn, omgivet af "fynbos", en speciel blanding af lavtvoksende hedeplanter, som er det eneste, der gror naturligt heroppe. Jorden er lerblandet skifer, og de kun 20 km. til havet sikrer mod store temperaturudsving.

En vin med seriøs stil, mørk farve fra druetypen og tanniner.


Country: South Africa

Region: Elgin

Winery: Oak Valley

Year: 2018

Type: Red

Grapes: Pinot Noir

Alcohol: 13,5%

Aging: Oak barrels

Closure: Cork

Winemaking: Traditional



Sir Antonie Viljoen founded the Oak Valley Estate in 1898. He started with apple orchards and in 1908 he started the first wine production in the Elgin Valley. The wine cellar was closed in the 1940s, where the state-controlled KWV controlled everything, but production resumed in the late 1900s, where a brand new winery was built and new vines planted.

Sir Antonie Viljoen grundlagde Oak Valley Estate i 1898. Han startede med æbleplantager og i 1908 startede han den første vinproduktion i Elgin Valley. Vinkælderen blev lukket i 1940'erne, hvor den statstyrede megakoncern KWV kontrollerede alt, men produktionen blev genoptaget i slutningen af 1900-tallet, hvor der blev bygget et spritnyt vineri og plantet nye vinstokke.

General grape descriptions

Pinot Noir

The fashionable red burgundy grape is capable of producing divinely scented, gorgeously fruity expressions of place but often unwilling or unable to do so. Pinot Noir is sensitive to the size of crop it is expected to produce, and many vapid examples exemplify an over-demanding yield. It ripens relatively early so is not suitable for very warm regions where there would be no time to develop interesting flavours before acid levels plummet. On the other hand, many of the cooler regions in which it thrives suffer autumn rains which can rot Pinot's thin-skinned berries, resulting in pale, tainted wines. The Pinot Noir grower's lot is not an easy one.

This ancient eastern French vine is, with Gouais Blanc, parent of a host of other varieties including Chardonnay, Gamay and the Muscadet grape Melon de Bourgogne. Because it is so old, there are many well-established mutations such as Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Meunier and there is enormous variation in wine quality between different clones. Planting the wrong clone in the wrong place is one of many reasons for the wide variation in quality between different red burgundies and different varietal Pinot Noirs from elsewhere.

The positive side of all this is that Pinot Noir is a very transparent grape. It really can communicate the difference in terroir, or grape-growing environment, between adjacent plots of vineyard.

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