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Dominio de Atauta

Parada de Atauta



Intense and fragrant, mature and rich. It is a fresh and balanced wine with velvety texture, which has plenty of the power, fruit and concentration that has given Dominio de Atauta its reputation. The grapes come from very old vines from selected fields. The wine has been on French oak for 12 months, of which 50% is new oak.


Intens og rigtduftende, moden og rig. Det er en frisk og balanceret vin med fløjlsblød tekstur, der har rigeligt af den kraft, frugt og koncentration, som har givet Dominio de Atauta sit kultagtige ry. Druerne kommer fra meget gamle vinstokke fra udvalgte marker. Vinen har ligget 12 måneder på fransk eg, heraf 50% ny eg.


Country: Spain

Region: Ribera del Duero

Winery: Dominio de Atauta

Year: 2019

Type: Red

Grapes: Tempranillo

Alcohol: 14%

Aging: Oak barrels

Closure: Cork

Winemaking: Traditional



Dominio de Atauta is a small "cult vineyard" chosen by Thomas Rydberg as one of the finest wineries in Ribera del Duero in a tasting in 2015. The domain is located in the small town of Atauta in the Soria region in the eastern part of Ribera del Duero, about 1000 meters above sea level. In the 19th century, the valley avoided the Phylloxera, which ravaged the whole of Europe, which is why the average age of the domain's vines is 120-140 years. The vineyards consist of 500 microparcels, each contributing their own characteristics. Many years of hard work have given Dominio de Atauta an in-depth knowledge of each parcel, and that knowledge is used to create these high quality wines.

Dominio de Atauta er en lille ”kult vingård”, der af Thomas Rydberg blev valgt som en af de ypperste vingårde i Ribera del Duero i en smagning i 2015.

 Domainet ligger i den lille by Atauta i Soria regionen i den østlige del af Ribera del Duero, ca 1000 meter over havet. I 1800-tallet undgik dalen vinlusen Phylloxera, som hærgede i hele Europa, og det er årsagen til, at gennemsnitsalderen på domainets vinstokke er 120-140 år. Vinmarkerne består af 500 mikroparceller, som bidrager med hver deres karakteristika. Mange års hårdt arbejde har givet Dominio de Atauta et indgående kendskab til hvert parcel, og den viden bruges til at skabe disse vine af høj kvalitet.

General grape descriptions


For a long time Tempranillo was ignored by the outside world as a slightly rustic northern Spanish grape of strictly local appeal. It was in the mid 1990s when I was granted my one and only audience with the Gallos in northern California that I realised the grape was now of international interest. Almost as soon as I had sunk into the crimson velour depths of the company limo I was interrogated about my thoughts on Tempranillo. Clearly the world's biggest wine company had it in their sights.

Until the 1990s most red rioja tasted more of oak than grapes. The traditional way of making rioja – ageing for years and years in small, vanilla-scented American oak barrels – disguised Tempranillo's own flavour. But since bodegas in Rioja have seriously begun to age their wines for much shorter periods in French oak, and also to export young (Joven) unoaked wines, wine lovers the world over have started to come to grips with the essence of Tempranillo itself.