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Hubert Brochard




Dancing elegant wine with flinty mineral tones, acacia flower, bran and a little touch of honey. Bubbling pure, vibrant acid. From 4 south-southwest facing ha. on a slope around the village of Boisgibault just east of the Loire River.

Pouilly Fumé is the sister of Sancerre, only a few km. thence, across the Loire River to the east. The wine is named after the town of Pouilly-sur-Loire and the traditional local name for Sauvignon Blanc: Fumé Blanc, which partly refers to the slightly smoked-mineral tone that may be in the wines. It can be reminiscent of the scent when striking two pieces of flint against each other to make a fire, or firing an antique weapon with flint ignition of the gunpowder.


Dansende elegant vin med flintede mineraltoner, akacieblomst, gyvel og en lille snert honning. Raslende ren, livfuld syre. Fra 4 syd-sydvestvendte ha. på skråning omkring landsbyen Boisgibault lige øst for Loirefloden.

Pouilly Fumé er søster til Sancerre, kun få km. derfra, over Loirefloden mod øst. Vinen er opkaldt efter byen Pouilly-sur-Loire og det traditionelle lokalnavn for Sauvignon Blanc: Fumé Blanc, som dels refererer til den lidt røget-mineralske tone, der kan være i vinene. Den kan minde om duften, når man slår to stykker flint mod hinanden for at lave ild, eller affyrer et antikt våben med flinttænding af krudtet.


Country: France

Region: Loire

Winery: Hubert Brochard

Year: 2020

Type: White

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc

Alcohol: 13%

Aging: Stainless Steel Tank

Closure: Cork

Winemaking: Traditional



Hubert Brochard is a traditional family producer in the village of Chavignol, west of Sancerre. Hubert's son Henri and wife Therèse managed the domain through the second half of the 20th century and bought more land, so the family has 60 acres in total, distributed between Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé. Three sons manage the domain today: Daniel the property as a whole, Jean-Francois in the fields and Benoit as cellar master.

Hubert Brochard er en traditionsrig familieproducent i landsbyen Chavignol, vest for Sancerre by. Hubert's søn Henri og ægtefælle Therèse styrede domænet gennem anden halvdel af 1900-tallet og købte mere jord til, så familien har 60 hektar i alt, fordelt på Sancerre og Pouilly Fumé. Tre sønner styrer i dag: Daniel ejendommen som helhed, Jean-Francois i markerne og Benoit som kældermester.

General grape descriptions

Sauvignon Blanc

Often called simply Sauvignon, extremely popular variety making crisp, dry, aromatic and extremely distinctive wines all over the world. The smell is sharp and piercing and reminds different tasters variously of gooseberries, nettles, crushed blackcurrant leaves, and occasionally cat’s pee. With age, aromas reminiscent of canned asparagus can develop.

Most Sauvignon Blanc is fermented at relatively low temperatures in stainless steel with the intention of preserving every bit of youthful fruit. The wines are in general designed to be drunk as young as possible, although some of the fruit from particularly low-yielding vineyards can be concentrated to withstand oak ageing and may need a year or so in bottle before showing their best.