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Jeff Carrel

Morillon Blanc



The wine is an alternative wine with much of the character, fans of overseas Chardonnay in more expensive classes like. Juicy flavor with dense, rich fruit. Pear, peach, pineapple and tone of butter, tightened by good acidity with a touch of crust and vanilla in the aftertaste.


Vinen er en alternativ vin med meget af den karakter, fans af oversøisk Chardonnay i dyrere klasser kan lide. Saftig smag med tæt, stofrig frugt. Pære, fersken, ananas og tone af smør, der strammes op af god syre med snert af brødskorpe og vanilje i eftersmagen.


Country: France

Region: Languedoc, Roussillon

Winery: Jeff Carrel

Year: 2021

Type: White

Grapes: Chardonnay

Alcohol: 14,5%

Aging: Oak barrels

Closure: Cork

Winemaking: Traditional



Jeff has been a winemaker for American Mondavi and Château Sainte Michelle. He was also a consultant to Daumas Gassac and Grange des Pères. Over 10 years, as an oenologist, he has produced countless wines, well over 100 million liters. He is known for his enthusiasm and always full of new ideas.

Jeff har været vinmager for amerikanske Mondavi og Château Sainte Michelle. Han var også konsulent for bl.a. Daumas Gassac og Grange des Pères. Over 10 år har han som ønolog lavet et utal af vine, langt over 100 milioner liter. Han er kendt for sin entusiasme og altid fuld af nye idéer.

General grape descriptions


Wine drinkers find it flatteringly easy to enjoy, with its broad, exuberant charms, relatively high alcohol and low acidity, and lack of powerful scent. Vine growers find it easy to grow productively and profitably (it can yield well, ripen usefully early, although buds rather too early for frost-free comfort in cool climates). And winemakers revel in the range of different winemaking techniques to which Chardonnay readily submits: not just a wide range of dry white wines with more weight than most, but delicate sparkling wines and even a few extremely successful sweet white wines made with the benefit of 'noble rot'.