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Zvonko Bogdan

Cuvée No. 1



The wine is characterized by a pronounced aroma of blackcurrant, strawberry and ripe plum, with discreet tones of vanilla and sweet spices. A complex and balanced wine accompanied by an elegant, creamy structure and an unforgettable full flavor.


Vinen er kendetegnet ved en udtalt aroma af solbær, jordbær og moden blomme, med diskrete toner af vanilje og søde krydderier. En kompleks og afbalanceret vin ledsaget af en elegant, cremet struktur og en uforglemmelig fuldig smag.


Country: Serbia

Region: Ludas & Radic

Winery: Zvonko Bogdan

Year: 2019

Type: Red

Grapes: Merlot 70%, Cabernet Franc 15% &

Cabernet Sauvignon 15%

Alcohol: 14%

Aging: Oak barrels

Closure: Cork

Winemaking: Traditional



Zvonko Bogdan Winery started its way in 2008 when it headed for a clear aim to produce top-quality wines that bear the stamp of the region from which they come, by combining the specificity and tradition of Palic vineyards with the latest French technology. Anchored in the sea of ​​its vineyards on the eastern shore of Lake Palic, in the north of Serbia, Winery was built in the Art Nouveau style, typical of the traditional architecture of Palic and the nearby town of Subotica. The Winery is named after a famous singer of old songs, Mr. Zvonko Bogdan, whose art and the name are synonyms for the ultimate experience, such as wine and Zvonko Bogdan wineries.

Zvonko Bogdan Winery startede i 2008, da den satte kurs mod et klart mål om at fremstille vine i topkvalitet, der bærer præg af det område, hvorfra de kommer, ved at kombinere de paliciske vinmarkers specificitet og tradition med den nyeste franske teknologi. Placeret på den østlige bred af Lake Palic, i den nordlige del af Serbien, blev vingården bygget i Art Nouveau-stil, der er typisk for den traditionelle arkitektur i Palic og den nærliggende by Subotica. Vingården er opkaldt efter en berømt sanger af gamle sange, Mr. Zvonko Bogdan, hvis kunst og navnet er synonymer til den ultimative oplevelse, såsom vin og Zvonko Bogdan-vingårde.

General grape descriptions

Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is one of the most widely planted red grape varietals in the world. Plantings can be found across Europe, the New World and in China. In many wine regions, it is planted as a component of a Bordeaux-style blend, playing a supportive role to Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. In parts of north-east Italy and the right bank region of Bordeaux, Cabernet Franc both plays a more prominent role in blends and is made as a single varietal.
Cabernet Franc with its lower tannin levels than Cabernet Sauvignon, can make a bright red wine, with contributing finesse and a peppery aroma to blends with more robust grape varietals. Depending on growing conditions and style of wine, additional aromas can include tobacco, blueberry, raspberry, cassis and sometimes even violets.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The world’s most popular red wine grape is a natural cross between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux, France. Cabernet Sauvignon is loved for its high concentration and age-worthiness.


Merlot wine has similarities with Cabernet Sauvignon although less intense and with tannins more soft. Its color is purple red, with aromas of blackberries and black plums, complex and elegant, full-bodied, with low acidity. On the palate is smooth and very balanced.